Ric Lipson


The first part of my travel grant went towards an Architecture filed trip to Orfordness, an old Military testing site in Suffolk. The site has a great history and is now maintained by the national trust. The experience of the site led to an interest in the sound of a site and how sound affects spacial awareness of the body. The first half of the year’s research looks at the relationship of sound on the site. A prototype sound space was built to experiment with sound dynamics and reflections within a circular space. A drawing technique to map the sound within the space and measure the experience was drawn on the walls and floor and a pendulum was used to measure the volume dynamics within the 3d space. The next part of the year will use the money for another field trip, this time a road trip around Europe. The sound project will then move to a more architectural scenario and the final amount of money will help to create the final installation.

Website: www.riclipson.com