Caroline Jane Harris


Born February 1987 London
Lives and works in London

Caroline Jane Harris explores the intricacies of nature through a labour intensive paper-cutting technique. She responds to visual phenomena in nature; the endless geometric patterns found in all levels of existence. Using tree formations as her starting point, Harris creates an idealised aesthetic of nature, through the symmetrical rendering of digitally printed photographs, which are then hand-cut and layered. The process is solo and obsessive, requiring concentration, repetition and discipline. The meditative quality of the work is reflected in Harris’ interest in artistic and devotional practices of Eastern Cultures. The hand allows for subtle distortions and an emphasis on detail and wonderment. Once layered, the two dimensional paper-cuts have an inherent sense of depth creating three-dimensional drawings, preserved between glass. Harris’s white plains of paper become infinite and abstract – as if viewed through a telescope or under a microscope. Harris explores the dichotomy in science and art, traditional processes and contemporary practices.