Anna Moderato


“The human being… always remains a machine, but that machine directs itself, within the limits of the environment in which it performs, and the faculties it employs.” (André Liesse, Le travail aux points de vue scientifique industriel et social, Paris 1899, p.16)

I think of my practice as a series of investigations into the physical world and the possibilities it holds within the limits of physical law. Through sculpture and video I explore how materials and objects behave, how they react when manipulated and what I can make them do. Recently I have also begun to examine our own material presence, our bodies, as we are necessarily part of the physical world. The laws that control inanimate matter also apply to us, as animate matter, and by examining the workings of both I attempt to understand what has to be accepted as fundamental and unchangeable but also what potential there is for the surprising and unexpected.