Ellen Macdonald

Ellen McDonald

Untitled – 2014
Oil on Canvas

My work focuses on the process of mediation that occurs in painting, in order to examine and expose the relationships between objects, actions and representations. I attempt to address the narrative potential that emerges from the compression of these relationships in individual paintings, and within particular groupings of the paintings. I often make objects in the studio, with materials that are to hand, from which I later makes paintings. The malleable quality of the rudimentary materials used for these models leave the traces of their handling visible, allowing their histories to remain tangible. The resulting paintings are images that are also documents, since they simultaneously represent and also act as evidence of the activity of their own recording. My work exists at various points on a scale between fictional and actual, objective and subjective, between recognisable and obscure.

Email: info@ellenmacdonald.com

Website: www.ellenmacdonald.com