Ula Dajerling


‘Amnesia and Oscillation’ 2009

Materials: paraffin wax object approx. 8cm x 10cm x 15cm, 12 prints 20cm x 25cm – Medium: Installation

“The ultimate uncertainty of the past makes us all the more anxious to validate that things were as reputed. To gain assurance that yesterday was as substantial as today we saturate ourselves with bygone reliquary details, reaffirming memory and history in tangible format.”

David Lowenthal (1985)The Past is a Foreign Country

My work is process and concept led, exploring sets of materials and utilising their qualities in order to generate the work.

My practice aims to re-examine approaches to the ‘formless’ through a series of investigations that foreground natural forces and also non visual senses such as smell, sound and touch. Duration and time are also facrors. Utilising a visual language that bridges nature and culture, my aim is to present art that needs little explanation, and is able to communicate directly to the viewer.

E-mail: uladajerling@gmail.com
Mobile: +44 (0)7830000761