Rosie Farrell


Image from sound-work of a record that plays the sound of its own making, translating its production process into sound/music.12” vinyl record, turntable, pre-amp, amplifier, speaker, sound, 9 minutes.

Rosie Farrell’s projects in sound, film, video and other media form an ongoing investigation into mysteries and doubt. A central concern within her practice is to explore transformation and translation, investigating the extent to which referentiality adheres to this, or at what point a process of transformation becomes its own thing, existing without recourse to anything else. Her work has been shown recently in group shows at Raven Row and Chelsea Space, and she will also present a new project at South London Gallery in London (screening May 2012). She lives and works in London and is currently undertaking the MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art & Design (2011-2012).

On receiving the award, she said: “I am incredibly fortunate and grateful for the support that this award and the trust has kindly granted towards my masters. It has made a huge impact, providing me with the opportunity to expand my research and develop my practice at this crucial stage.”