Patrick Goddard


‘THE FUTILITY OF PARTICIPATION’ – steel, clay, varnish, teeth, wax, glass eyes, paint, 197cm x 33cm x 100cm, 2009

There is a moment, not a nightmare as such, but the uncanny moment at the cusp of waking where the real world takes on dream world qualities..”

Working in a range of media, from sculpture to film, Patrick Goddard utilizes an absurdist’s sense of humor with a gift for story telling. Anchored by off kilter pedestrian observances the work begins to hint at a defunct metaphysics and is underpinned by a sense of hopelessness and nihilism. Exploring ideas of ideology, confusion, anarchy and the futility of communication recent work has taken the form of language games and theatrically sculptural objects. Patrick is currently in his final year studying an MFA in Fine art at Goldsmiths University.