Ed Webb-Ingall

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Experimental Film Workshops – Interrogating Film Making

Ed Webb-Ingall (film maker, producer and facilitator) and Patrick Staff (video artist) will lead a number of participatory workshops, games and exercises exploring the way a camera can be used as a a tool for investigation, improvisation, and documentation. The workshop will use ideas developed in community video activism, collectively authored film and video projects and improvisation alongside methodologies developed in cinema verite, ethnographic film, theatre and dance.

Participants will take part in a variety of workshop methods to consider the act of filming and film-making, and a consideration of video making as a point of negotiation, collaborative process and an exploration of the properties and potential of the pro-filmic moment.

Email: e.webb-ingall@chelsea.arts.ac.uk
Website: http://ccwartistmovingimage.wordpress.com/