Catharina Cronenberger Golebiowska



Video, floating objects, black ink and milk, Mini DV / no sound,1:42 min, 2010

Floating objects transformed into visual poetry. Floating geometric objects on liquids, caught in video. All works rely on simple arrangements of basic volumes and voids, manual produced surfaces and movements in a controlled choreography and algebraic permutation of pattern and forms.

Catharina Cronenberger Golebiowska was born in 1979 in Katowice/Poland,
grew up in Stuttgart/Germany and studied Fine Arts in Frankfurt am Main. In 2011 she will graduate in Sculpture, MFA at the Slade School of Fine Arts. Her art practice includes sculptures, installations and videos.

“Each work reflects an on-going process in finding a balance between attitude, content, form and style. My works live from strong direct colours, the spatial rhythm and the equilibrium of form.” C.C.Golebiowska

For the French art historian Henri Focillon, art was always dynamic, always shifting, driven by fractures and discontinuities. He said, that form is never static, … form is alive, vital and always mobile.