Pil and Galia Kollectiv


“Our month at the Henry Moore Institute was very productive. The fellowship allowed us to take some time out of our busy teaching schedule and focus on art and research. We had originally proposed to look at Oscar Nemon’s design for a temple of universal ethics and explore the representation of such abstract ideas. This research was tied to our interest in the way abstractions functioned with real consequences in the context of fictitious capital. In the library, we found a wealth of fascinating material that helped us develop ideas in relation to this, from books on Soviet art and its representations of ideology to plans for similar utopian projects by artists and architects like Oscar Niemeyer. However, nothing could have prepared us for the abundance of documentation pertaining to Nemon’s temple. We had expected to find a few images – instead, there was a small model, numerous drawings and photographs of Nemon’s plans and piles of correspondence and notes laying out his program for a universal ethics. In parallel to this research, we worked at Project Space Leeds on our own artwork for the exhibition Galmourie – an altar for the worship of capital. Finally, we had the opportunity to visit the Merzbarn, where we hope to do more work in the future. This time developing work, talking about ideas and thinking about new projects was invaluable. We now hope to use the materials in the archive in a film project, building on our recent video work using archive images. We are grateful for the Institute’s support and particularly appreciate the fact that the fellowship did not require an immediate outcome, but rather provided us with time and space to initiate projects and collect materials that could come to fruition at a later date.”