Amy Gee



My practice explores aspects of ethnography and the observation and documentation of social history. I am particularly interested in the potential failures or inaccuracies within this documentation, due to the limits in gathering and presenting information truthfully, and use this as a way of suggesting alternative narratives through the manipulation and use of versions and opinions.

Ideas stem from questioning the purpose of community and tradition within contemporary society. Visiting the sites and engaging with the local people who are often directly involved in the work is of particular importance, and the extensive gathering of historical information both from recognised archives and personal accounts over a substantial period of time is key to the works realisation.

Often focusing on past events, forgotten traditions and re-enactment, the work produced takes the form of video, sound, installation and event, questioning our acceptance of the information that is made available to us, and its reliability and worth in the present through the viewer’s engagement with a more recent illustration of something which perhaps has been neglected.

Tel: 07817830636