Alvaro Cadet-Barrington

170 by 170 – Oil, various mediums yarn on burlap – 2016

Picasso’s “Le demoiselles d’avignon,”  Patra live performance of “Worker Man” on The Word, Ginuwine’s “Pony” have each asked me what can be thrown at art to open up more possibility with painting. These artworks pushed against the dominant logic of their mediums to activate new ways of being. At the same time these artworks draw from the lived experiences of the artists which in turn talk about larger social cultural economic structures. In my own work I search to push against my own ideas of what a painting should be, by drawing directly from my own experiences. A leaf in the summer blowing in the wind, a friend’s suicide, my grandmother’s hands, a moment with a lover, the intensity of deep red in a Gauguin can all find a space in the paintings and drawings I make.